The Power BI Package for CCH® Tagetik

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The Power BI Package for CCH® Tagetik - dashboard. report. analyse.

With the Power BI Package for CCH® Tagetik, our experts have developed a template that enables fast and flexible analyses of your CCH® Tagetik data with little customization effort: a solution that is quick and easy to implement.

Your benefit: With drjve+ you will receive a finished Power BI data model and report set in just 4 days.

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  • Flexible analysis of CCH Tagetik planning, forecasting and consolidation data in Power BI
  • Quick to use thanks to preconfigured data model (template)
  • Individual extensions/customizations of the preconfigured data model possible
  • Transfer of authorizations from CCH Tagetik
  • Mapping of flexible currency conversion
  • Use of your financial statements (FST)
  • Connection & evaluation of data from the AI hub possible
  • Three preconfigured sample reports for a quick start


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What is included in the Power BI Package for CCH® Tagetik:

Preconfigured data model (template)

Financial Statements (FST)

  • Simple FST (addition/subtraction within the hierarchy) are included as master data and with the calculation logic
  • Advanced FST KPI (multiplication/division or e.g. EBIT in %) are included as master data, the calculation logic is not included and must be implemented separately using DAX.
  • Advanced FST (according to Tagetik) are included as master data, the calculation logics are not included and must be implemented separately using DAX.

Currency conversion

  • currency conversion is included

Authorizations from Tagetik are included


  • Three pre-configured sample reports are included for a quick start
  • Flexible and free analysis of your Tagetik data is possible in Power BI as standard tool


  • The standard setup/configuration of the Power BI Package takes approx. 1 day and is included in the package.


  • A one-day basic training for Power BI and Tagetik Power BI model is included in the package.

drjve+ and Zebra BI: Better together

Zebra BI is an innovative data visualization and reporting tool for Power BI and Excel that complies with the IBCS (International Business Communication Standard).

We recommend the additional licensing of Zebra BI for more built-in functionalities than Power BI (e.g. automatic calculation of deviations (abs./%) as well as for a shorter implementation time (ready-made visuals). drjve AG is a Zebra BI partner and has many years of experience in implementing the software. Learn more about Zebra BI.

The architecture: A modular structure

Our modular structure supports you both in your cloud environment and on-prem.

Are you ready? Contact our experts and test the Power BI Package for CCH® Tagetik free of charge for 30 days.


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