Corporate Performance Management - monitor and manage business performance

New business models, increasing regulatory requirements and markets in the face of global change are just a few reasons why the pressure on corporate finance departments is growing and an optimised corporate performance management is essential.

But how does optimised Corporate Performance Management look like in the digital age?

The use of future-oriented functionalities (AI, predictive analytics) and the mass generation of data bring enormous potential, but also require the right system selection in combiation with user competence.  

In addition, CPM must be brought into line with the demands of the stakeholders and sustainably anchored in the digitalisation strategy of the finance departments.

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"The integration of various processes into uniform software platforms is a definite success factor. We consult you holistically in software selection and integration into your processes."

Maike Staroszik, Senior Consultant CPM

CPM must be the logical continuation of an organisation’s BI systems. And this is exactly where we come in: Our CPM experts support you holistically in the following areas with the help of the latest technologies to optimise your entire planning process! Let’s tackle it together!  


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Corporate planning is an instrument enabling managers to assess the impact of their actions with regard to the corporate goals. As part of an integrated corporate planning, it provides a platform for coordinating measures with other areas in the company.

In addition to integrated financial planning (horizontal integration of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow), the vertical integration of sub-plans, such as HR, sales or supply chain planning, is of particular importance.

Rolling Forecast

The introduction of a rolling forecast is the optimal addition to existing instruments of corporate management - not only in markets characterised by high volatility. The rolling forecast can calculate forecast values over a consistent time period and independent of the fiscal year. Forecast values can be adjusted monthly, weekly or quarterly to fit changing conditions.

By applying a rolling forecast, executives can sustainably influence the strategic management as well as the resource management of the company. Regular taking into account new data and influencing factors also helps to detect deviations from the plan more quickly and counteract them with appropriate measures.  


Effective, automated and compliant. Always aligned with the goal of increasing transparency and accelerating the consolidation process.

The advantage of a sustainable consolidation system: Large amounts of data can be easily merged and data integrity and consistency can be guaranteed despite high compliance requirements. The entire reporting cycle is implemented effectively and automatically.



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Management Reporting

Make decisions based on the right data! With a powerful management reporting system, management reports can be created quickly and with little effort.

The results of the data analysis are prepared and presented in a management-friendly manner.  

Driver-based Planning

Looking at the essentials: Standard calculation tools no longer manage to map the complexity of new business models. With focus on the driving factors of a company, the planning process remains scalable and dynamic even with increasing data volumes.

Supported by the right software solution, companies can respond quickly and more flexible to changes, leading to an improved overall picture.

Predictive Forecasting

Machine learning makes it possible! Through predictive forecasting as a sub-discipline of predictive analytics, fully automated optimized approaches for management can be derived.

Key drivers are identified, and correlations as well as potential cause-and-effect relationships are impartially determined. For instance, sales forecasts can consider trends, anticipated price fluctuations, or even search queries.

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