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drjve AG is a Platinum Awarded CCH® Tagetik Partner. Some of our experts have worked with the solution since the beginning of CCH Tagetik and with our extensive expertise we are one of the leading Tagetik implementation partners in the DACH region.


High-performance software for Corporate Performance Management & Business Intelligence.

CCH Tagetik focuses on the transformation of the "CFO Office" through an integrated Financial Management Platform for consolidation, planning, reporting, data analysis, regulation, and compliance. The solution aligns financial and corporate data on a single platform and ensures a single point of truth resulting in transparency and faster financial processes.

"Let's talk data: Whether in the cloud or on-premise, with CCH Tagetik you use the possibilities for innovative Data Management and optimised CPM."

Björn Beuter, Lead Architect

A unified intelligent platform to enable digital transformation and drive strategy with all your financial processes and data: CCH Tagetik is the powerful software for Corporate Performance Management & Business Intelligence. Build on our experience as a long term CCH Tagetik Partner and use the potential for your Corporate Performance Management.


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The CCH Tagetik Modules:

Financial Hub

The Tagetik Financial Hub is the heart of CCH Tagetik: a central database where inventory, transaction data as well as meta data are stored. This is where the entire processing of planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and regulatory reporting takes place. The system requires various standard dimensions, but also allows the additional use of own dimensions. Within the Financial Hub, the entire built-in financial logic can be configured via a web-based user interface and adapted to the specific customer needs.

AI Hub

Tagetik AI Hub is the performance engine of the Financial Hub. Within the AI Hub, independent data sets can be created that are not bound to the standard dimensions of the Financial Hub. It's a highly flexible tool that enables you to perform driver-based planning, detailed profitability analysis, and integrated business planning and reporting. You’ll complete cycles faster, enrich plans with value-added information, and make decisions with a holistic view of your organization.

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Team im drjve AG Buero Koeln

Tagetik ETL

The ETL process consists of several individual steps that allow data from different data sources to be integrated into CCH Tagetik via extraction, transformation and loading. In this phase, the source from which the data is extracted is determined. Data can be extracted from other Tagetik applications such as Microsoft SQL Server or SAP HANA. Various file formats (including TXT, XLS, CSV, XML) or OData services can also be used as a source. In the transformation, the extracted data is transformed into the target format using various operators.  During the loading phase, the data is then loaded into the desired destination. In addition to the Tagetik database itself, other databases or file formats can also be used as a loading destination.

The advantage of Tagetik ETL: Thanks to the high flexibility, highly distributed and different data structures can be read, cleaned, harmonised and transformed by the end user.

Tagetik MDX

Within the Tagetik environment, an MDX is a multidimensional calculation logic, which is based in its syntax on the MultiDimensional eXpressions (MDX) language. This type of script language works accordingly to the cube concept, which is a multidimensional representation of data. With Tagetik MDX scripts it is possible to filter data dimensionally and to calculate it with other data in order to write the results to the database. Using this flexible logic, complex calculations can be performed in multidimensional space.

Tagetik Cash Flow Module

Improve liquidity and minimise operational risks with using CCH Tagetik's Cashflow Module. The module enables the calculation of cash flow based on profit and loss statement as well as financial statements within a few clicks. That way "what-if analysis" can be carried out with more flexibility. The influence of changed starting conditions such as increased input costs or possible tax increases can be modeled at any time and liquid funds can be better managed. A fully integrated financial planning and precise cash flow forecast are made possible, which can be translated into real recommendations for action.

Tagetik Production Planning

The goal: Balancing capacity and requirements with maximum efficiency. Complex cost structures within large corporations make it difficult to control and monitor production processes and supply chains in a success-oriented manner. Get full control of your entire production process with the Production Planning module from CCH Tagetik. The module includes possibilities to support make or buy decisions or working capital simulations taking into account capacity and cost limits in real time. 


Real-time reporting on the CCH Tagetik platform with the Smart Insight module. Detached from IT, the module enables finance departments to create dynamic reports and ad-hoc analysis with just a few clicks and therefore interacts flexible and in real time with all relevant data. SmartInsight uses an intuitive web interface. Reports can be shared, saved, and easily exported. In summary, a powerful self-service tool for fast, independent analysis and preparation of financial data.

Tagetik ESG and Sustainability

Get compliant for a more sustainable future: CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability Performance Management provides companies with a pre-built and configurable expert solution to meet their ESG requirements and manage sustainable performance. The leading ESG frameworks such as CSRD, GRI or EU Taxonomy are integrated into the solution and are continuously adapted to the evolving regulations so that you are always up to date. The predefined data models and integrated calculation rules enable fast and straightforward collection, calculation and disclosure of ESG KPIs. The true power of this solution goes beyond mere reporting by illustrating how ESG initiatives and financial performance interact and influence each other.

Tagetik for SAP HANA

Ultimate performance and real-time analysis: The ultimate power package to sustainably increase performance. The complete and seamless integration of the CCH Tagetik platform with SAP HANA technology. The CPM solution is certified as "powered by SAP HANA" and uses the in-memory technology of SAP HANA for real-time reporting, analysis and as a base for AI. Tagetik for SAP HANA gives you the power to complete all financial processes in a fraction of time.

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