Azure Data Platform: Designing and Implementing Modern Data Architecture

Our solutions are meticulously selected based on thorough assessments of technology, performance, security, price and interplay with other solutions. Below you can find out more about the Azure Data Platform and the solutions and tools we use for Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Datalake and Data Warehouse. 


Tomorrow's data platform is at the heart of corporate workflows. 


Azure Data Services enable organisations to build their own customised analytics platform, meeting all requirements regarding volume, speed and quality. Azure Data Services offer a selection of fully managed relational, NoSQL, and in-memory databases that are needed for a modern analytical platform.


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Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse is a next-generation cloud based analytics platform that seamlessly integrates aspects of Data Lake and Data Warehouse.

Outstanding performance, SQL on Demand for easy SQL querying of polystructured data and seamless integration with other services such as Azure Machine Learning or Power BI are just some of the benefits of this new platform.

Azure SQL

Azure SQL is a family of managed, secure and intelligent products that leverage the SQL Server database engine in the Azure cloud.

Azure SQL Database: Supports modern cloud applications with an intelligent managed database service that includes serverless compute.

Azure SQL Managed Instance: Modernises existing custom SQL Server applications with an intelligent, fully managed entity as a service with nearly 100% feature parity with the SQL Server database engine. Ideal for most cloud migrations. 

SQL Server on Azure VMs: Migrates SQL Server workloads with Lift & Shift, ensuring 100% SQL Server compatibility and OS-level access. 

Azure SQL builds on the trusted SQL Server-Engine, allowing applications to migrate effortlessly and continue to use the tools, languages and resources that users are familiar with. Existing skills and experience are transferred to the cloud so that even more can be achieved with the existing infrastructure.

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a fully managed, serverless data integration solution for ingesting, preparing and transforming all your data at a large scale.

It enables any organisation in any industry to leverage it for a variety of use cases: Data engineering, migrating your on-premises SSIS packages to Azure, operational data integration, analytics, bulk loading data into data warehouses, and more.


Making data-driven decisions requires the ability to quickly analyse large volumes and different types of data. Azure Databricks is a data analytics platform optimised for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services platform that perfectly covers these capabilities. Databricks is designed to make Big Data easy by providing a zero-management cloud platform based on Spark.

drjve AG supports the implementation of more efficient data management with databricks by enabling ACID transactions, scalable metadata processing and a standardisation of streaming and batch processing of data.


Cloud Data Lake Storage has become the means of choice for storing large amounts of data. However, in order to analyze this data, it must first be moved and copied into the in-house data warehouse - a process that can be costly, complex, risky and inflexible.

Dremio is an engine located between the Data Lake Storage and the end users who want to query this data directly for powerful dashboards and interactive analytics, without the need to copy the data into data warehouses.

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